Bayfield, Wisconsin
(Contains 13 photos)
Bayfield, Wisconsin portfolio
Minneapolis, Minnesota
(Contains 8 photos)
Minneapolis, Minnesota portfolio

Skyline photos of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Marshall, Minnesota
(Contains 44 photos)
Marshall, Minnesota portfolio
SW Minnesota
(Contains 62 photos)
SW Minnesota portfolio

Exploring the beauty of SW Minnesota near Marshall.
Barns & Remnants
(Contains 44 photos)
Barns & Remnants portfolio

Old barns and remnants in Minnesota, North and South Dakota.

Picturesque Ramsey Falls in Redwood Falls, Minnesota.
Seasonal Collection 2012
(Contains 4 photos)
Seasonal Collection 2012 portfolio

Seasonal collector prints from Independence Park in Marshall, Minnesota.
Seasonal Collection 2011
(Contains 4 photos)
Seasonal Collection 2011 portfolio

Four seasonal collector prints fron Independence Park in Marshall, Minnesota.
Ghost Barn Editions
(Contains 2 photos)
Ghost Barn Editions portfolio

Framed Giclee Editions of Ghost Barn & Ghost Barn II are now available.
Tuscon, Arizona
(Contains 68 photos)
Tuscon, Arizona portfolio

Shots around Tuscon, Arizona.
Approaching Storm
(Contains 9 photos)
Approaching Storm portfolio

As a storm approaches the clouds open just enough to see these brilliant colors in West Fargo, North Dakota.
Fargo. North Dakota
(Contains 9 photos)
Fargo. North Dakota portfolio

Out and about in Fargo.
North Dakota Badlands
(Contains 7 photos)
North Dakota Badlands portfolio

The colorful Little Missouri River Badlands provides the scenic backdrop to the park which memorializes the 26th president for his enduring contributions to the conservation of our nation's resources.
(Contains 11 photos)
Nature portfolio

Nature is painting for of infinite beauty.
Lighthouses & Maine
(Contains 6 photos)
Lighthouses & Maine portfolio